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After 6 years of studying photography and some exhibitions, it was rather by chance that I started my work as a stylist being related twice to a
Starting in the world of decoration, 6 years later the move to fashion was
quickly made, still keeping a very wide intrest in everything involved in the
world of colors, shapes and atmospheres.
With the experience of 20 years, the set-up of a photo shoot became at
least as important as the styling itself; creating a complete atmosphere
where the choice of location, photographer, model and make-up artist can excist and express themselves is the main goal I´m going for. Beside
photo shoots I try to obtain these same goals in my jobs for events and
fashion shows.


Because of all the travelling I did in my styling career, a deep love grew for discovering new continents and cultures. Being complete open to absorb all
the new ingredients a country has to offer, a world where the beauty of a landscape, the authencity of it´s people and the richness of their culture is created to remain in the heart forever. If travelling is done with a complete open mind, it should be like told by Alain Sebé about the Sahara ‘like the
sea, the desert evokes entirely new emotions, it transforms the traveller
and changes the body and soul‘.
Surrounded and swept away by all these new emotions, it felt like a deep
need to capture all these beautiful wonders in photographic images, being able to invite people to make over this wonderfull trip in their mind....


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